Letter to the editor: Anti-wind crowd not telling the whole story

I have been reading the several letters to the editor dumped upon Citizen’s News by the anti-wind people. They do not tell the whole story. Mr. Sargeant’s letter, in particular, was misleading in his characterization of the group’s behavior in now these several town meetings. He and his people are far from the benign grateful bunch that they portray in their letters.

He stated that, ‘Everyone in attendance listened intently to Mr. Zupkis and Mr. Vallillo present BNE’s side of the story’. I take issue with that description of the atmosphere of the meeting. I arrived half-way through Mr. Zupkus’ presentation. The room bristled with anger and there were several instances of people loudly sighing, laughing and muttering statements contradicting what Mr. Zupkus was trying to say. When he finished he exited to people yelling after him derisively to stay. The veiled threat there, I take it, was for him to stay to be ridiculed. They even brought in a speaker with an alternative technology to wind that criticized Rep. Vicki Nardello for being pro-green energy. This occurred after they stated at the last presentation that they were grateful to Rep. Nardello for assisting them. They clapped enthusiastically after the gentleman completed his presentation. I guess nobody is safe from their wrath.

This is the second time I have sat through this group’s presentation. I have never once made any comment, interrupted anyone nor made any gestures. Everyone has the right to speak their mind. I took the opportunity to address the Town Council myself after listening to the sarcastic comments and general deriding of Mr. Zupkus and his company. I was greeted with the same anger and disrespect that was afforded Mr. Zupkus, with people yelling things directly at me from across the room throughout the meeting as I listened quietly.

This is not the behavior that I have come to expect from my fellow Prospect residents during the 16 years that I have lived in town. While I certainly support the right for everyone to have their opinion and to express that opinion passionately, there are lines of respect and decorum that should not be crossed. They went over the line a long time ago.

Paul R. Vallillo
Prospect, CT