The Burning of the Shoe

The fire everyone knows about, the one that’s the flaming hub of a spirited Thanksgiving Eve pep rally, will take place Wednesday night, just hours before the Greyhounds host rival Ansonia. The one that players and alumni know about, the one that’s the flickering center of a pensive gathering, will take place just a few hours before the other. It’s called The Burning of the Shoe, a tradition Naugatuck head coach Rob Plasky brought with him from Springfield College when he took the reigns of this already tradition-rich program in 2001. And it’s just what it sounds like: The Hounds gather around a burning cleat and just talk … and listen.

A Team to Call Their Own

Lou Poeta and Paul Brennan are lifelong residents of Beacon Falls. They remember the days when Woodland Regional High School didn’t...

Hounds hope beginning, end are memorable

People remember the beginning and the end but not the middle. If that old nugget of wisdom actually contains a nugget of truth, the...

Hawks believe this year will be different

Here’s something Woodland football fans don’t need to be reminded of: The last time the Hawks beat Seymour, the Red Sox had just won...

Turkey Day Stat Chat: Feast of Numbers

-139 Point differential for Seymour in its nine games this season; the Cats have been outscored 302-163, tied with Crosby for worst margin in...

DeBiase: ‘I don’t care, as long as we win’

If it were up to his dad, Jack DeBiase never would have played football at Woodland. Mark DeBiase attended Holy Cross and wanted Jack...

Mike Kennedy will not quit

Greyhounds senior captain Mike Kennedy is not the type of person who looks for sympathy or pity about his plight, a strong characteristic not...

Woodland alumni bring swagger and moxie

Imagine a coaching staff like this: Joe Montana helping out with quarterbacks and offensive skill positions, Walter Payton assisting the running backs and defensive...

Watch out for Naugy in 2011

Success on the field of athletic competition is 60 percent physical and 40 percent mental. To prove that theory, sports is filled with stories...

Hawks romp Hearts on Senior Night

BEACON FALLS — Brandon Fowler has been an integral part of the Woodland football program for the last few years. He’s scored touchdowns—11 in...

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