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Students find knife on playground

BEACON FALLS — Two kindergarten students found a folding knife on the playground at Laurel Ledge Elementary School earlier this month, leading school officials...

Woodland hosting spring concert

BEACON FALLS — Woodland Regional High School will host a spring concert on Tuesday night. The concert will feature performances of a wide variety of...

Police issue reminder that ‘Parents Who Host, Lose The Most’

As spring arrives so to do graduation parties and picnics. Police from Beacon Falls and Prospect along with the Region 16 Prevention Task Force...

Prospect man hired as Long River principal

PROSPECT — After spending his entire career in the Bethel public schools system, Derek Muharem is coming home — actually to the town he’s...

Region 16 budget increase dropping

What started as a 6.25 percent increase in Region 16’s school budget for next year quickly fell to a 3.93 percent increase. The Region...

Region 16 cuts back on unhealthy foods

Local students will have to go outside of their schools if they hope to satisfy their junk food fixes. Region 16, along with the state...

Region 16 school board faces fight or flight decision

PROSPECT — To fight or not to fight, that’s the question before the Region 16 Board of Education as it contemplates its next step...

Woodland team takes first at Electrathon

BEACON FALLS — The members of Hawks Fabrication and Design started with a heap of aluminum tubular in the fall and finished with a...

Lab helps students do the math

BEACON FALLS — Woodland Regional High School students are getting the extra help they need in a new math lab this year. Since the beginning...

Drama club betting on latest production

BEACON FALLS — The Woodland Regional High School drama club wants to make a bet that audiences will love its latest production. The drama club...

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