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Board of Ed. proposes $1.6m savings

NAUGATUCK — After spending more than two hours behind closed doors Monday night at City Hill Middle School, the Board of Education emerged with a cost-saving plan it hopes will make up all but $372,000 of a more-than-$2 million budget deficit and prevent layoffs during the current school year.

The problem is the Naugatuck Teachers’ League won’t entertain the proposal until the board puts to public vote a concession package approved by the NTL Nov. 24.

BOE meeting canceled; rally goes on

NAUGATUCK — The meeting was canceled, but the rally went on. Hours before the Board of Education was scheduled to convene Monday, in an attempt to reconcile its more than $2 million budget shortfall, the school system’s governing body called off the gathering. But that didn’t stop the more than 100 people who planned a demonstration outside Tuttle House from picketing and chanting anyway.

A new community group that calls itself Our Kids Come First organized the rally in protest of a last-resort cost-savings plan proposed last week by Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Tindall-Gibson. The sweeping measure, which would save an estimated $2.26 million, includes cuts to K-8 music, K-6 physical education, K-8 art and freshman sports. Both Tindall-Gibson and members of the board have said they aim to avoid these programming rollbacks.

Embattled firm studying borough schools

NAUGATUCK — Four months after the borough hired the Hartford-based firm JCJ Architecture to perform a facilities utilization study of the school district, the company is preparing to make suggestions…

Facebook a catalyst for BOE unrest

NAUGATUCK — Social media sites like Facebook have proven to be not only a way for old friends to reconnect or current ones to stay in touch but also a…

Teachers vote ‘no confidence’ school chief

NAUGATUCK — Teachers overwhelmingly condemned the performance of embattled Superintendent Dr. John Tindall-Gibson Thursday, while the school board continued to search for ways to make up a projected $2 million…

Board of Education crisis coming to a head

NAUGATUCK — It’s three months into the academic year, approaching the halfway point of the fiscal year and the school board is without a definitive plan to bridge a projected…

Woodland math team ranks fourth

BEACON FALLS — An amount of money is increased by 15 percent of itself. This new amount is then reduced by 40 percent. At this point, the value is $41.40….

Teachers’ jobs could be safe

NAUGATUCK — The kids have spoken, and they’re not happy. On Monday night, when the picketing, marching and chanting before a Board of Education meeting lasted longer than the meeting itself, students criticized financial mismanagement that last year left the school system $1 million in the red and this year has given it the unsavory distinction of being the only district in Connecticut without an operating budget.

The board’s most recent deficit projection for the 2009-10 fiscal year is $1.07 million, down from the $1.3 million projected last month. When the board last met, two weeks ago, Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Tindall-Gibson said closing the gap could require laying off as many as 14 teachers, including the dozen hired over the summer.

Walmart rewards borough teachers

NAUGATUCK — It won’t solve the borough’s education budget crisis, but a new Walmart program will help 10 teachers at Central Avenue School provide classroom supplies to their students. Last…

Controller to manage BOE budget

NAUGATUCK — The borough will have one business manager to oversee both the school and town budgets, at least temporarily. The Board of Education on Tuesday voted unanimously to rescind…