Adoption support group starts in Prospect

Bells of Hope and Foster Adoptive Mission are pleased to announce the formation of a regional support group for families formed through adoption. ...

Town chairpersons update leading to election

In the final week of campaigning for Election 2010, Citizen’s News talked with several of the area’s Democratic and Republican town committee chairpersons to...

Local candidates square off in CN debate

NAUGATUCK — Candidates for state House and Senate seats in local districts squared off in a debate coordinated and moderated by Citizen’s News on...

It’s ‘common sense’ for GOP candidates

HARTFORD — Local Republicans vying to unseat incumbent Democrats in the 105th Assembly District, which covers Beacon Falls, and the 17th Senate District, which...

Nardello opposed by newcomer in 89th

Voters in the 89th Assembly District will soon decide what matters more to them: experience or outsider status. Longtime Democratic incumbent Vickie Nardello is seeking...

WRHS ahead of curve in new state mandate

BEACON FALLS — It’s always good to stay ahead of the curve. Woodland Regional High School is proving that statement true...

New administrators settling in at WRHS

BEACON FALLS — The new school year at Woodland Regional High School is off to a start without incident, thanks in part to...

Concussion law passed in Connecticut

When in doubt, sit it out. That’s the gist of a new state law which will go into effect during this school year. The statute, Public...

Prospect to acquire new fire truck

PROSPECT — The Prospect Volunteer Fire Department will replace a 23-year-old pumper truck with a new model, which fire officials say will offer enhanced...

United Way launches 2010 campaign

Left or right? Regular unleaded or super? Coke or Pepsi? People make simple choices every day. Should the decision to help someone in need be...

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