Borough attorney to run for Congress

WALLINGFORD — Naugatuck attorney Jerry Labriola, Jr. announced Monday that he will seek the Republican nomination to the third U.S. Congressional district, in hopes...

BOE meeting canceled; rally goes on

NAUGATUCK — The meeting was canceled, but the rally went on. Hours before the Board of Education was scheduled to convene Monday, in an attempt to reconcile its more than $2 million budget shortfall, the school system’s governing body called off the gathering. But that didn’t stop the more than 100 people who planned a demonstration outside Tuttle House from picketing and chanting anyway. A new community group that calls itself Our Kids Come First organized the rally in protest of a last-resort cost-savings plan proposed last week by Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Tindall-Gibson. The sweeping measure, which would save an estimated $2.26 million, includes cuts to K-8 music, K-6 physical education, K-8 art and freshman sports. Both Tindall-Gibson and members of the board have said they aim to avoid these programming rollbacks.

Embattled firm studying borough schools

NAUGATUCK — Four months after the borough hired the Hartford-based firm JCJ Architecture to perform a facilities utilization study of the school district, the...

Facebook a catalyst for BOE unrest

NAUGATUCK — Social media sites like Facebook have proven to be not only a way for old friends to reconnect or current ones to...

Teachers vote ‘no confidence’ school chief

NAUGATUCK — Teachers overwhelmingly condemned the performance of embattled Superintendent Dr. John Tindall-Gibson Thursday, while the school board continued to search for ways to...

NEDC hopeful about economic future

NAUGATUCK — Thursday’s news from the U.S. Department of Labor that unemployment in Connecticut had jumped from 8.4 to 8.8 percent lent an air...

Board of Education crisis coming to a head

NAUGATUCK — It's three months into the academic year, approaching the halfway point of the fiscal year and the school board is without a...

H1N1 puts hospitals, patients in bind

WATERBURY — New rules implemented to combat the spread of the H1N1 virus at Saint Mary’s Hospital have at least one parent asking for...

Cuts could include arts, freshmen athletics

NAUGATUCK — Imagine elementary schools with no physical education, music or art programs, and a high school with no freshmen sports. Also picture a school...

Mezzo proposes BOE deficit solution

NAUGATUCK — Mayor Bob Mezzo has a plan to bridge the school system's projected $2 million budget gap while avoiding massive layoffs and program...

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