Hearing on wind turbine moratorium draws blusterous crowd

HARTFORD – Don Quixote may not need to do battle with his hulking giants anytime soon if opponents of proposed wind turbine projects in...

Snow topples buildings, provokes evacuations

Heavy snow and ice on roofs caused havoc across the area following a two-punch storm last week. The weight of the snow on some roofs...
Town Clerk Sophie Morton is retiring after 28 years in Naugatuck.

Clerk to retire, race on to replace her

NAUGATUCK - After 28 years of serving as Town Clerk, Sophie Morton is ready to retire. For the past three decades, Morton has been the...

Burgess garners signatures to force primary

On March 7, Democrats in Naugatuck will have a chance to vote for six of seven candidates for burgess in a primary. Burgess Anthony Campbell...

Contractor brings beef to burgesses

NAUGATUCK - A local snow contractor is upset and claimed an altercation between his driver and a prominent resident led the town to request...

Mezzo issues order banning parking on town streets

NAUGATUCK – Cars parked on the borough’s streets could be towed and their owners fined. Mayor Bob Mezzo issued and executive order Jan. 28...

School year grows longer with each cancellation

As inch after inch of snow piles up across the region, snow days have been adding up just as fast for area students. This...

New local liquor laws on tap

NAUGATUCK - If passed, new Zoning Regulations would loosen restrictions on selling alcohol in the borough. The changes would be more nuanced than the current...

Towns plow through snow budgets

Naugatuck, Prospect, and Beacon Falls have all blown through most of their snow budgets with the 50 inches of snow that slammed the region...

Wal-Mart gains approval to make store super

NAUGATUCK – The Zoning Commission voted Monday to approve a 23,000-square-foot commercial addition to Wal-Mart’s New Haven Road store, which would turn the store...

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