H1N1 puts hospitals, patients in bind

WATERBURY — New rules implemented to combat the spread of the H1N1 virus at Saint Mary’s Hospital have at least one parent asking for...

Cuts could include arts, freshmen athletics

NAUGATUCK — Imagine elementary schools with no physical education, music or art programs, and a high school with no freshmen sports. Also picture a school...

Mezzo proposes BOE deficit solution

NAUGATUCK — Mayor Bob Mezzo has a plan to bridge the school system's projected $2 million budget gap while avoiding massive layoffs and program...

Recount settles tie in Beacon Falls

BEACON FALLS — A recount Tuesday broke a tie between Republican William L. Fredericks and Democrat Elizabeth T. Falzone for the Region 16...

Teachers reject proposed concessions

NAUGATUCK — Mayor Bob Mezzo says teachers may have accepted a cost-savings plan worth about $570,000 if the school board had given them some...

Area codes to change in CT

On Saturday it will become mandatory to dial the three-digit area code and the seven-digit phone number for any local call in Connecticut whether...

First tri-board meeting bears little fruit

NAUGATUCK — The philosophy behind the borough’s unprecedented “tri-board” meeting between the boards of Mayor and Burgesses, Education and Finance was met positively by...

Third time the charm for NHS girls’ soccer

WATERBURY — The Naugatuck girls’ soccer team is the 2009 Naugatuck Valley League champion, after it defeated Torrington by a 5-1 margin Thursday night...

Prospect complete election results

Winners' names appear in bold. Mayor: Rep. Bob Chatfield (2,040), Dem. Charles Mallon (591) Town Council: Rep. Douglas B. Merriman (1,830), Rep. Robert E. Doyon (1,708),...

Beacon Falls complete election results

Winners' names appear in bold. First Selectman: Dem. Susan A. Cable (937), Rep. Michael A. Krenesky (791) Selectmen: Rep. Mike Krenesky (791), Dem. Dominick S. Sorrentino...

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