Ballots and polling locations

View Polling Locations in a larger map These locations will be open for voting Tuesday, November 2 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Naugatuck has eight...

Food drive sponsored by Naugy firefighters

The Naugatuck Fire Fighters Local 1219 will be hosting a food drive on Saturday, Nov. 13 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on the...

Renaissance Place eligible for state funding

NAUGATUCK - The green light was given to Naugatuck’s $710 million downtown revitalization plan. The municipal development plan for Renaissance Place was approved unanimously by...

Town chairpersons update leading to election

In the final week of campaigning for Election 2010, Citizen’s News talked with several of the area’s Democratic and Republican town committee chairpersons to...

Halloween Village is back for more scares

NAUGATUCK - The scares will continue this Halloween season in the borough. Halloween Village will be open each night this weekend for all kids...

Local candidates square off in CN debate

NAUGATUCK — Candidates for state House and Senate seats in local districts squared off in a debate coordinated and moderated by Citizen’s News on...

Monument committee close to funding goal

NAUGATUCK — A committee devoted to raising money for the restoration of the downtown World War I monument has nearly reached its fundraising goal. The...

Automated trash collection coming soon

NAUGATUCK — The automated arm is on its way. A revision of the Automated Curbside Collection Regulation has been accepted, and the delivery of recycling...

Greenway would pass through brownfields

NAUGATUCK — The recently-unveiled route for the Naugatuck River Greenway, a proposed 22-mile regional trail stretching from Thomaston to Beacon Falls and designed to...

It’s ‘common sense’ for GOP candidates

HARTFORD — Local Republicans vying to unseat incumbent Democrats in the 105th Assembly District, which covers Beacon Falls, and the 17th Senate District, which...

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