CN Headlines 07-02-10

CN Headlines is back after a month-long hiatus; tune in for reports on new developments in the Renaissance Place project and a local musician...

CN Headlines 11-06-09

Prospect mayoral challenger Charlie Mallon feels slighted by the Senior Center, an illegal dentistry operation is discovered, and the Ecumenical Food Bank sees a...

CN Headlines 04-09-10

Town officials talk the 2010 census, the borough board approves a passive park plan for the Gunntown Road tract and spring sports get underway...

CN Headlines 10-9-09

The Naugatuck Board of Education tries to close a more-than-$1 million budget gap without laying off teachers, and borough residents react to a homicide...

CN Headlines 4-23-10

The Naugatuck Board of Education reneges on its decision to close Salem School, the borough projected a revenue loss of over $1 million next...

CN Headlines 02-05-10

The borough sees some of those much-discussed federal stimulus funds, buys some new trucks, and gets a health commendation in this week's episode of...

CN Headlines 10-30-09

The Naugatuck Valley Health District launches a lead abatement program, borough residents learn about sexting at a public forum, and a local musician gets...

CN Headlines 03-26-10

The borough's Board of Education considers switching health insurance carriers, former Naugy pitching ace Pat Dean checks in from Boston College and a local...

CN Headlines 12-11-09

The BOE shoots for state mediation over their budget impasse and misses, municipal aid from the state faces cuts, and the b orough buys...

CN Headlines 11-20-09

Two opposing plans to bridge the Board of Education's budget deficit are proposed, local pharmacies suffer at the hands of mail-order companies, and swine...

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