CN Headlines 4-16-10

State Rep. Theresa Conroy (D-15th District) announces her reelection bid, and the Naugatuck Board of Education budget situation continues to intensify.

CN Headlines 07-02-10

CN Headlines is back after a month-long hiatus; tune in for reports on new developments in the Renaissance Place project and a local musician...

CN Headlines 9-25-09

Check out the all-new CN Podcast from staff writer Brendan Cox. It's like a condensed, audio version of the current week's newspaper. Click play...

CN Headlines 05-28-10

This week's CN Headlines features the debut of our two summer interns: Alexa Gorman in news and Kyle Brennan at the sports desk. Tune...

CN Headlines 4-23-10

The Naugatuck Board of Education reneges on its decision to close Salem School, the borough projected a revenue loss of over $1 million next...

CN Headlines 05-07-10

Two budget referenda pass narrowly, Leonard Greene, Jr. and Theresa Conroy discuss the state budget and Naugatuck High School students celebrates their special programs...

CN Headlines 05-21-10

One budget passes and another stalls, Peter Jurzynski readies for another swim across the English Channel, and a helicopter lands in the borough on...

CN Headlines 10-02-09


CN Headlines 11-27-09

A meeting cancellation doesn't stop a rally at the Board of Education headquarters, an embattled architecture firm prepares to make recommendations to the school...

CN Headlines 01-29-10

The borough approves a roughly $1 million budget bailout for the Board of Education, and next year's budget looks pretty grim. Also, a beloved...

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