Hypnotist mesmerizes crowd, raises money

NAUGATUCK — Ride a magic carpet. Win the horse race. Strike a pose for “Vogue.” Show your hip-hop dance skills. Speak a Martian language....

Spirit of the Greyhounds: Cheerleaders shine

The life of a student-athlete is a daily grind not for the faint of heart. Three-hour practices, weekly competitions—it’s not uncommon to see players,...

Church youth group puts faith in action

NAUGATUCK — What if church were a verb? That’s the question members of the Naugatuck United Methodist Church youth group have been pondering this...

NHS getting organized to promote respect

NAUGATUCK — Respect: It’s not the easiest concept in the world to define. It can mean consideration toward peers, acquiescence to elders, the payment...

Mailwoman killed by fallen tree remembered

BETHLEHEM — Barbara Berner delivered more than mail. "If you were walking up the driveway to the mailbox, she'd be waving and smiling and beeping...

A year later, Massas still short on answers

NAUGATUCK — A year after 30-year-old borough native and popular Waterbury school teacher Tim Massa was found dead in a Nassau, Bahamas, harbor, his...

Year in Review: Ten stories that shaped 2009

If it’s true that we learn more about ourselves during tough times than in easy ones, 2009 must have been highly educational for many...

CLISE: Linda’s Beautiful Mind

She calls almost every day, my “old friend from Oak Terrace.” I can tell by the tenor of her voice, as soon as she greets me, what kind of day she’s having: Sometimes it’s a joyful chirp, quoting scripture and gushing about choir rehearsal; others it’s a smoker’s croak, bitter and depressed and “just about ready to give up.” My friend’s name is Linda Jean Cray. She’s 45, heavyset—though she’s lost a considerable amount of weight recently—with stew-brown hair that flows just over her shoulders. Her smile reveals badly-worn, discolored teeth. A single, front tooth, apparently the survivor of the bunch, remains intact, recalling some cartoonish caricature of a baby.

Meet Beacon Falls’ first Christmas mayor

BEACON FALLS — Year-round, Livia Keith keeps at least one Christmas tree decorated in her Maple Avenue home. In her living room Friday, Keith's tree...

Naugatuck kicks off the holiday season

NAUGATUCK — The Parks and Recreation Department held its sixth annual holiday kickoff Monday night on the Green with hundreds in attendance to enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides, visits from Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman, and the lighting of the borough tree.

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