Letter: Proposed Prospect Street project should be denied

To the editor, Connecticut Statute 22a-15 states that there is a public trust in the state's air, water and other natural resources and that each...

Letter: Community facing humanitarian crisis

To the editor, COVID-19 is having an impact on our community, but it has helped shed some light on another pandemic happening right under our...

Letter: Proposed Prospect Street project is wrong for Naugatuck

To the editor, The development proposal referred to as 0 Prospect St. involving Fulling Mill Brook and its wetlands is wrong for Naugatuck. It targets...

Letter: Surplus should be used for education

To the editor, Year in and year out, Region 16, using strong financial controls and sound fiscal discipline, has successfully managed to stay within its...

Letter: Work needed to make borough a place where all feel comfortable, unthreatened

To the editor, The undersigned support our students for a unified, multiracial Naugatuck. We unequivocally condemn the racist and violent messages posted to social media...

Letter: Proposed bill is overreaching legislation

To the editor, Many of us in Connecticut are wondering why many Democrats are proposing regressive legislation. I always knew the Democratic Party to be against...

Letter: Americans will never give up

To the editor, Like so many before him, my father arrived in America in the early 1960's in search of a better life. He had...

Letter: Attack at U.S. Capitol should be a wake-up call

To the editor, Generally, we Americans are very proud of our democracy; expressions like "only in America" or "the shining Beacon on the Hill" abound....

Letter: Food bank thankful for support

To the editor, As 2020 comes to a close, the Ecumenical Food Bank would like to take the opportunity to extend its sincere thanks to...

Letter: Proposed housing project could drive up taxes in Beacon Falls

To the editor, In the article “Developer eyes land in Beacon Falls for 109 homes” (Citizen’s News, Nov. 19, 2020), the developer, Stephen Bellis, a...

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