Brennan plays a little Duck Hunt

I really like this gig I have here with Citizen’s News. I get to scrape up some jack by going to my old stomping...

CLISE: Bond debt a complexity

Democratic mayoral challenger Charles Mallon says Prospect’s bond debt exceeds $25 million. Republican incumbent Mayor Bob Chatfield claims the figure is more like $3...

CLISE: Loss hurts record, roster

WEST HAVEN — The biggest number—practically, if not mathematically—haunting the Naugatuck High School football program after Friday’s blowout loss to Notre Dame-West Haven is...

CLISE: Win special for coach, captain

SEYMOUR — As the giddy Greyhounds offense took the field, two kneel-downs from stunning the No. 4 Seymour Wildcats, 27-13, head coach Rob Plasky...

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