Letter: Fireworks can be traumatic to some

To the editor, I write to implore all area residents to think of their neighbors before purchasing or detonating fireworks, this year and every year....

Letter: Rebimbas, Logan clear choice for Naugatuck

To the editor, In a few short weeks, Naugatuck voters will be going to the polls to vote for who will represent them in D.C....

Letter: Drivers need to follow rules of the road for emergency vehicles

To the editor, On Aug. 14, a friend and I were driving on Rubber Avenue heading toward Mt. View Plaza. Suddenly, we heard the loud...

Letter: Samela is who Naugatuck needs

To the editor, Not only is the election next week a crucial event for the entire country, but it is also a crucial event on...

Letter: Proposed bill is overreaching legislation

To the editor, Many of us in Connecticut are wondering why many Democrats are proposing regressive legislation. I always knew the Democratic Party to be against...

Letter: North Main Street not a good location for senior assisted living facility

To the editor, Naugatuck Zoning Commission member Eileen Bronko is right about the senior assisted living facility planned to be built on North Main Street....

Letter: Surplus should be used for education

To the editor, Year in and year out, Region 16, using strong financial controls and sound fiscal discipline, has successfully managed to stay within its...

Letter: Mail order threatens family pharmacies

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Letter: Beacon Falls should have a sewer usage fee

To the editor, When will our town leadership wake up? Beacon Falls is one of the only towns in the Valley without a sewer usage...

Letter: Food bank grateful for support from community

To the editor, Two hundred and eighty holiday baskets. That breaks the record for how many family members in our community received a complete Thanksgiving...

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