Letter: Team Chatfield will continue to move Prospect forward

To the editor, It’s that time again when opponents of Team Chatfield announce taglines, talking points and positions on what they deem as wrong with...

Letter: Americans aren’t dying from COVID vaccines

To the editor, For people who refuse to get the COVID vaccine because they are afraid of what it might do to their body, I...

Letter: Administration didn’t address previously uncovered problems

To the editor, In August of 2017, there was a Town Council investigation into transactions made from the budget for public works employees’ salary to...

Letter: O’Leary will protect Prospect’s future

To the editor, This November residents of Prospect are facing a key moment in Prospect's history. We are presented with a choice of whether to...

Letter: Club thankful for support

To the editor, We want to say thank you to the Naugatuck community, to our 5K running participants, and to the sponsors of our annual...

Letter: McCool offers positive change

To the editor, When I walk into the ice cream shop I usually get my regular flavor with the same toppings each time. Yeah, it...

Letter: Every choice has a consequence

To the editor, On CBS This Morning, the anchors were recently discussing the new vaccination mandate in New York City. Citizens must be fully vaccinated...

Letter: People need to look at each other as human beings, work together

To the editor, I would like to begin by thanking everyone for working so hard to get through the last 15 months of the pandemic,...

Letter: Everyone has to play their part for life to return to normal

To the editor, Lately, we have been hearing a lot about supporting and helping each other. As citizens, we are encouraged to do our part...

Letter: Democrats missed the mark on budget proposals

To the editor, In April, the legislature’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee held its final regular meeting for the legislative session. At this meeting, I...

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