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Letter: Work needed to make borough a place where all feel comfortable, unthreatened

To the editor, The undersigned support our students for a unified, multiracial Naugatuck. We unequivocally condemn the racist and violent messages posted to social media...

Letter: Busy intersection needs a traffic light

To the editor, I am writing about a serious concern regarding the traffic issues and explicit danger of the intersection where Summit Road meets Route...

Letter: Proposed Prospect Street project is wrong for Naugatuck

To the editor, The development proposal referred to as 0 Prospect St. involving Fulling Mill Brook and its wetlands is wrong for Naugatuck. It targets...

Letter: Resident raises question about Beacon Falls board member

To the editor, I believe Beacon Falls Board of Finance member Lawrence Hutvagner should resign from the board because of multiple instances of what I...

Letter: Racism is wrong and immoral, but not a public health crisis

To the editor, Referring to racism as a public health crisis is a) inaccurate, and b) using sensationalism as a means of garnering attention. COVID...

Letter: Uniforms beneficial in many ways

To the editor, I am a long-time resident of Beacon Falls, having attended both Laurel Ledge and Long River Middle School in the 1980s, and...

Letter: Proposed Prospect Street project should be denied

To the editor, Connecticut Statute 22a-15 states that there is a public trust in the state's air, water and other natural resources and that each...

Letter: A shining example of a positive person

To the editor, I am writing this letter in recognition of one of Beacon Falls' most outstanding citizens, Marion Bradley, pharmacist and proprietor of...

Letter: Proposed housing project could drive up taxes in Beacon Falls

To the editor, In the article “Developer eyes land in Beacon Falls for 109 homes” (Citizen’s News, Nov. 19, 2020), the developer, Stephen Bellis, a...

Letter: Police accountability bill will do harm

To the editor, The police accountability and transparency act, House Bill 6004, will do more than increase crime. It will increase needless deaths and long-term...

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