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Amazing Benefits of Regular Dog Nail Clipping - Guide 2021
  Just like a human an emotional support animal needs regular nail cuts, likewise, dogs also need nail cutting. Apart from hygiene, it is better for health. Overgrown nails on dogs could not only lower their quality of life but also it can hurt you when a dog jumps at you. Long rough nails can also scratch floors. Availing an ESA letter is not enough to have a pet with you anywhere but it also demands greater responsibility to cater to his/her well-being. It is advisable to touch your cat’s paws from an early age so that they can adjust to having their paws managed. This will get them accustomed to the human touch of their claws and make clipping easy without being frightened or scared.
Why are the nails of dogs trimmed?
Long nails can lead to pain and serious problems that distort their sitting and posture. Due to constant weight shifting because of overgrown nails, they may sit or stand oddly. Too-long nails also limit their movement and cause lameness and injury.We have also discuss about can dogs have pineapple.  
Best apartment dogs are always well-trimmed, maintain good health and physical posture. More importantly, overgrown nails significantly impact the overall health of your dog. If you see your dog's nails clicking, touching the ground, or turning sideways, it is time to take action. Ideally, it is advised by veterinarians should be slipping paper between his/her dog's nails and the floor.
Dog nail trimming instructions
Keep the trimming instruments ready
                  Dog nail clippers or grinders/scissors
                Flashlight (in case of dark nails)
 Paw balsam (optional)
When everything is ready, make the dog comfortable. If they are scared and nervous then calm them with cuddles and biscuits until they feel a sense of security.
Fix the cutting range
One needs to be extra careful with the range of cutting a dog's nails are supplied with blood and an accidental clipping may cause serious problems and a lot of pain. It gets trickier especially with a darker nail and light color nails are quite easy to define the range. ESA Letter has also referred to can dogs eat pineapple. A flashlight is better in determining the blood supply area.  Keep in mind these three tips:
                  The ideal limit of cutting is right before the blood supply
                Comparatively the front paws are likely to have long nails
  Cutting should always be parallel to the bottom.
Trimming Once the dog is relaxed and the equipment is ready then it is time to cut but keep in mind to start by taking small steps at a time. It is better to reward your dog in order to keep it calm and comfortable. It is advisable to trim the hairs between the paw and soften the skin around the paw once you are done cutting.
Reward the dog at the end
It is always a better practice to reward your dog at the end of cutting because it will condition it into a positive habit of being rewarded after an unpleasant experience.
What if there is bleeding after trimming?
It is likely that after much caution there may go something wrong inadvertently, so at that time do not panic. Make sure the wound does not contact with dust so as to avoid infection. If the bleeding does not stop after half an hour contact your veterinarian oh emotional support dog. If the vet is away use the styptic power of a pencil to stop the blood. Even if pencil or styptic power is not available or there is no pharmacy nearby then apply ice cubes, it will stop the blood flow.
How often should one do the trimming?
It depends on many factors like the nails of the dogs who have contact with soft surfaces grow faster whereas dogs who have contact with hard surfaces have nails that grow slowly. Besides, it also depends on the dog breed, genetic factors, feeding habits, and the activeness of the dog, yet ideally, it is better to trim after every two weeks' time.
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