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Tips to Care your  Aging ESA Dog
Most of the time, I have heard people saying how hard it is for them to take care of their pet because this is the first time, they have adopted a pet and to take care of it is cos.
Of course, it all gets better until you learn how to do it. What about having an ESA dog? That too comes with lots of responsibilities.
They are emotional support animals that are prescribed by the professional mental health therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist. Even though animals are capable of forming an emotional connection with their owners, realesaletter requires an ESA letter to be legally considered an ESA. You must know the key difference between an ESA and a pet.  
ESAs helps an individual who is suffering from mental health issues, in easing their symptoms. You have to be eligible for an ESA and usually, your mental health professional determines by checking your history and severity of the condition.
After your eligibility criteria is determined, they will sign a letter for you and you will be allowed to bring the ESA pet home. ESA dogs have an emotional connection with their owners for a lifetime. They take care of you but what happens when they get old?
Talking about dogs, not all dogs are considered old at the same age, small breeds are considered old when they reach 10-11 years of age. The golden retriever is considered a medium-sized breed and they are considered old when they reach 8-10 years.
By the age of 5-6, the giant breed is considered senior.  It tells us that all breeds have unique traits. You must remember one thing that the dog’s aging process depends on their lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle goes a long way.
Remember!! Whether you want to adopt a small breed or giant breed, or if you wanna go for multiple ESAs’ you still need an emotional support animal letter and in case of multiple ESAs, you need a separate letter for every ESA. For dogs that are aging but you do not know, you still have to take care of them. Don’t worry, I got you. I will share some tips to take care of senior dogs, it is not a lot of work but still, you have some work to do.
Look out for the aging signs
You know when a dog ages, it will start showing less energy. That’s the first sign of aging and he can have hearing problems or cataracts. This is the sign when you should know that your ESA dog is at potential risk of becoming obese or getting liver or kidney disease. You better watch out for that.
Age-appropriate diet
The next step involves maintaining an age-appropriate diet for them. Their diet is completely different from young dogs. Since they are at risk of becoming obese, you have to make sure, you get the best dog food that does not make them obese. You can consult with your local vet on the type of food to give to your dog.
Regular Exercise.
A young ESA dog does not need to be reminded of the exercise as it has lots of energy and it can utilize that energy. However, older dogs start showing less energy and they might not be active anymore.
You have to make sure that your dog gets regular exercise. It has many benefits and the foremost benefit will be maintaining an ideal weight. Your vet can recommend your exercise programs for your old ESA.
You have to build their stamina with regular exercise. If you are in a tight space and your landlord might make an issue if you take your ESA dog to walk in front of the apartment, show them the real esa letter. Your landlord will stop bothering you. This works whenever I have Timothy. He was such a good dog. May the Lord bless his poor soul.
Maintain oral health
Since most old dogs rarely get proper dental care during their adult life, it is not a common sight that old dogs have missing teeth. Dental care is part of the grooming and you should maintain their dental care from a young age. Make sure to clean their teeth regularly, and take them to the vet to get their teeth cleaned professionally once a year.
Regular Vet Checkups.
That is another important step that guarantees that old ESA dogs have a good life even when they are old. Their immune system becomes weak at old age so regular vet checkups are a must. It should be done every six months a year.
Vaccination and parasite protection.
It does not matter what your dog’s age is, you should look out for fleas, worms, and ticks. Give them proper treatments to avoid parasites. Properly vaccinating your dog once every three years. Your dog does not need vaccination at regular intervals at old age.
Regular Grooming.
Your dog’s coat or skin ages with its age. Their skin can suffer if they are not groomed properly and to do that, brush their coats regularly and use natural shampoo to wash their skin to avoid irritation.
Provide appropriate accommodation.
Older dogs require age-appropriate accommodations because they might develop arthritis that could affect their mobility. In the case of a blind dog, you have to provide them with soft bedding that they can reach. The best bet is to buy a doggy ramp for them.
Move their belongings and food and water downstairs and place carpets around the house so that they can gain footing. Your dog is your companion and it is your responsibility to care for them and make their last years’ worth it. 
As dogs age, they require more care and attention to maintain their health and well-being. This is especially true for emotional support animals (ESAs), who play an important role in their owners' lives. To care for your aging ESA dog, it's important to provide a healthy diet, regular exercise, and regular veterinary checkups. You may also want to consider giving them supplements to support their joint health and mobility. Additionally, it's important to provide your ESA dog with a comfortable and safe living environment, including a soft and supportive bed and appropriate shelter. If you need assistance with caring for your ESA dog, realesaletter.com is a great resource for finding qualified professionals who can help with training, grooming, and other needs.
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