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Auction yields little interest

NAUGATUCK — It does not appear that anything will be built on the old Peter Paul candy factory property in the near future. The real estate company selling the property…


Auction to sell former Peter Paul site

NAUGATUCK — Locals who have wondered what may become of the former Peter Paul Hershey land on Route 63 may get an idea by next month. A new sign posted…

Cleanup of contaminated soil at the old Peter Paul site on New Haven Road in Naugatuck is finished and the lot remains for sale. –RA ARCHIVE

Cleanup complete at former Peter Paul site

NAUGATUCK — The 36-acre parcel on New Haven Road, former home of the Peter Paul candy factory, is now as flat as it was before an environmental cleanup began last…

Crews have created a crater at the former Peter Paul factory grounds, removing soil that had been contaminated by a leaking fuel tank. The area will be filled with clean soil. –RA ARCHIVE

Cleanup to make Peter Paul site more attractive

NAUGATUCK — The asking price for the former Peter Paul factory land on New Haven Road has dropped more than $4 million since it went on the market five years…

Cleanup is underway at the former Pater Paul site on New Haven Road in Naugatuck. –RA ARCHIVE

Cleanup underway at Peter Paul site

NAUGATUCK — Machines are at work again on the former Peter Paul factory grounds. Trucks can be seen digging a huge crater on the 36-acre plot at 889 New Haven…

Peter Paul site still on the market

NAUGATUCK — Contractors for Hershey finished demolishing the Peter Paul factory six months ago in a move to improve the market value of the 36 acres where the candy factory…

Letter to the editor: Memories bitter sweet

It was the winter of our discontent, ingloriously rent asunder by these makers of York. Everyday while going back and forth on my daily routine, I watched another part of…

A Naugatuck landmark is leveled; Peter Paul factory is now just rubble

NAUGATUCK — The abandoned Peter Paul factory, a community landmark that was once an integral part of borough life, is gone.   A foundation and piles of rubble are the…

Workers demolish the Peter Paul building on New Haven Road.
Crews work on demolishing the Peter Paul factoruy on New Haven Road. PHOTO BY LARAINE WESCHLER

Chocolate king crumbling

Demolition of Naugatuck’s chocolate giant has commenced. For 88 years, Peter Paul on New Haven Road produced endless supplies of candies such as Mounds, until 2007 when the factory closed…