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Naugatuck and Woodland high schools held pep rallies Nov. 27 to culminate spirit week at the schools. PHOTOS BY ELIO GUGLIOTTI AND LUKE MARSHALL
Naugatuck High held its annual pep rally Thanksgiving Eve. Students performed skits, including ones lightheartedly mocking school administrators, and recognized senior football players. –PHOTO BY LUKE MARSHALL
Woodland High held its annual pep rally Thanksgiving Eve. The pep rally concludes Spirit Week at the school and once again the seniors came out on top. –ELIO GUGLIOTTI
Naugatuck High School students performed skits, dances, and cheers at the pep rally Nov. 23 in preparation for the Thanksgiving football game vs. Ansonia the following day.
Woodland students screamed for the Hawks at their pep rally Nov. 23 before the big football game vs. Seymour that night.
Senior Ryan Marriotti hoists the spirit shovel won by the senior class at Woodland High School.

Woodland, Naugy show spirit

Woodland spirit finally propelled the Hawks to a win against Seymour Wednesday. Before the game, a war of the classes reverberated through the walls of the Woodland gym.

Black and gold warriors at Woodland Regional High School gathered Wednesday morning to psyche up for the game in the loudest way possible – with a screaming contest between the sophomore and senior finalists.

After battling for 10 days, the seniors emerged triumphant at the pep rally proceeding Wednesday night’s Thanksgiving football game.