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Kyle Brennan

Recapturing American pride in Games

I really wish I was around for the Miracle on Ice, or the Los Angeles Games, or even Atlanta (I was around, but at 5 years old certainly not conscious)….

Ken Morse

Politics stain Olympic experience

Ever since I was a little boy, I get weepy-eyed sitting on my couch as they raise the flag of the United States of America at Olympic medal ceremonies. I…

Kyle Brennan

The Olympics are coming

The Olympics start in a few days. Let me say that again, the Olympics start in a few days. If you’re not excited, we’re no longer friends. Sorry. The greatest…

You might as well learn the name now: Rachael Flatt, Team USA’s top ladies’ singles figure skater, heading into Vancouver.

CLISE: Olympic Education

We’re pumped for the Winter Olympics. We really are. The problems is we don’t know much about ‘em—the events, the athletes, the whole shebang. To an extent, we feel this…