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Maple Hill Elementary School music teacher Bob Trosan and paraprofessional Angie Pavone welcome students as they arrive for their first day of school Wednesday morning. The Naugatuck school is taking on more than 150 additional students this year due to the conversion of Central Avenue Elementary into a preschool. –RA ARCHIVE

New school year, new faces

Maple Hill School welcomes influx of new students NAUGATUCK — Hunter Lishnoff just started kindergarten on Wednesday, but according to his dad he already has his college and career picked…

The roof on Maple Hill Elementary School won't be replaced until next summer.

Maple Hill roof project put on hold

NAUGATUCK — The roof on Maple Hill School will have to stand up to another winter. A project to replace the 22-year-old roof was put on hold until next summer…

Michael Connan, 9, tries to throw a ball into the catcher’s mitt.

Math + baseball = fun

NAUGATUCK – Math was a ball for Maple Hill Elementary School students the night of April 13. Students and their parents participated in the baseball-themed math night, full of math-related…

Letter to the editor: Communications facility poses danger to children

I was outraged while reading about the unanimously approved vote for a Clear Wire communications facility to be put on top of Maple Hill Elementary School! I will have 2…