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Prospect author John Alston, 74, released his most recent children’s book in October called ‘Veggies, A – Z: See 'em, Rhyme 'em, Cook 'em, Eat 'em.’ The book mixes rhymes and recipes featuring vegetables to help get children to eat their veggies. –CONTRIBUTED

Author hopes to put veggies on the menu

PROSPECT — A local author is hoping a blend of rhymes and recipes will entice children to eat their vegetables. John Altson, 74, who has lived in Prospect since 2008,…

Prospect author John Altson says his love of animals has been with him all his life.

Local author publishes childrens’ book

PROSPECT — What do coatis, aardvarks and okapis have in common? Not much, but Prospect author John Altson is sure he’s found a common thread—they’re not animals covered by most…