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Youth group experiences homeless night

PROSPECT — As temperatures dipped below freezing Saturday night, members of the Prospect Congregational Church’s Youth Group got a small taste of what life is like being homeless. The group…

Prospect Congregational Church Senior Youth Fellowship members, from left, Mike Normand, 15, Ariana Sherwood, 14, Kaitlyn Dirga, 16, Nicole Lukeski, 15, Brianna Hudson, 15, and Kayla Rielly, 17, warm themselves by the fire Jan. 19 on the traffic island at the intersections of Routes 69 and 68 in Prospect during the fellowship’s 13th annual Homeless Awareness Sleepout. Ten members of the group spent 24 hours living on the traffic island to raise awareness for homelessness and funds for the Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries and Brass City Harvest. –ELIO GUGLIOTTI

Homeless in Prospect

Youth group sleeps out to raise awareness, money PROSPECT — Bundled in blankets and layered in clothing, a group of teens called the traffic island in front of Town Hall…

Prospect Congregational Church Senior Youth Fellowship members Mike Normand, left, and John Searles stand at the intersection of Routes 68 and 69 on Sunday morning collecting money for the homeless. –LUKE MARSHALL

A homeless night

Youth group sleeps out to raise awareness and funds PROSPECT — Prospect Congregational Church’s Senior Youth Fellowship braved the cold weather this weekend to help raise awareness for the homeless….


Youth sleeping out to raise awareness for homeless

PROSPECT — The Senior High Youth Fellowship from the Prospect Congregational Church is raising awareness for homeless greater Waterbury area by sleeping out in the open this weekend. The group…