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Grand list increases in Prospect

PROSPECT — The town’s grand list has gone up by over 1 percent. The town’s net grand list for Oct. 1, 2014 is $823.85 million, an increase of $11.1 million…


Grand list goes up in Beacon Falls

BEACON FALLS — The town saw increases in all three parts of the 2013 grand list. The town’s net grand list for Oct. 1, 2013 was $475,203,069, an increase of…


Prospect’s grand list sees slim growth

PROSPECT — The town saw all three segments of the 2013 grand list increase from the previous year. The town’s net grand list for Oct. 1, 2013 was $812,469,668, an…


Naugatuck’s grand list goes up slightly

NAUGATUCK — Thanks to gains in motor vehicle and personal property values, the borough’s 2013 grand list saw a slim increase. The borough’s net grand list for Oct. 1, 2013…


Borough’s grand list drops following revaluation

NAUGATUCK — The impact of the recent revaluation in Naugatuck has been felt in the borough’s 2012 grand list. The borough’s grand list for Oct. 1, 2012 was $1,566,236,889, a…


Prospect grand list increases nearly 3 percent

  PROSPECT — At a time when many town’s grand lists are stagnant, Prospect’s increased nearly 3 percent thanks largely to a new gas pipeline and a new banquet hall….


Beacon Falls’ grand list drops 12.75 percent

BEACON FALLS — The town’s grand list dropped dramatically due to a plunge in real estate values town wide following a revaluation. The total net grand list for Oct. 1,…


Prospect’s grand list drops 5.9 percent

PROSPECT — The combination of a sluggish economy and a recently completed property revaluation contributed to a 5.9 percent drop in Prospect’s 2011 net grand list from 2010. The total…

Naugatuck’s 2011 grand list grew by a slight 0.4 percent to roughly $2.035 billion.

Naugatuck grand list grows slightly

NAUGATUCK — An increase in motor vehicle and real estate values was enough to offset a dip in personal property values and carry Naugatuck’s 2011 net grand list to a…


Beacon Falls grand list grows 1.6 percent

BEACON FALLS — Given the troubling economy, town officials weren’t anticipating much if any growth in the town’s Grand List. So, when the 2010 Grand List rose 1.6 percent, it…