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Region 16 stays with energy consultant

BEACON FALLS — Due to a number of financial variables, the Region 16 Board of Education opted to stick with an energy consulting contract for at least the next year….


School board seeks to buy out of energy program

BEACON FALLS — Nearly a year and half after signing a five-year contract with a Texas-based energy conservation company, the Region 16 Board of Education is having second thoughts. “I…

Energy program gives Region 16 a surge in savings

BEACON FALLS — Six months into an energy conservation and management program the savings for Region 16 are starting to pile up in more ways than one. This spring, the…

Region 16 looking to get lesson in conserving energy

BEACON FALLS-A change in behavior could amount to substantial savings for the Region 16 school district. That’s what Mike Bitar, regional representative for Energy Education, told the Board of Education….