Letter: Vote should be held on selling house

To the editor,

Your July 7 article about the Tracy Lewis House, (some call it a mansion), was factual and informative but at the same time very discouraging.

The house was purchased in 2008 for $375,000 for the stated purpose of providing additional space for Town Hall offices and activities. But this never took place. For nine years the house has been vacant, slowly deteriorating and continually decreasing in value.

With so many taxpayers living paycheck to paycheck or on limited retirement income it is obvious that funding for a proposed, but unneeded, $6 million library and community center will never receive taxpayer approval. So what to do?

The present course of action is to do nothing with the structure continuing to deteriorate.  Eventually it will cost the taxpayers more than an additional $80,000 to demolish the house and then fill the hole.

If the house were to be sold, the taxpayers would receive a partial return on their investment and the residence would then return to real estate that again pays yearly taxes to the town. A win-win situation for the taxpayers.

We need to have a yes/no vote on, “Should the Tracy Lewis House be sold?”

James Woodward

Beacon Falls