Resolutions will reallocate bonded funds

BEACON FALLS — Officials want to use money left over from a 2016 bond to buy a police car and a Ford F-550.

The Board of Selectmen on Monday approved three resolutions to send to a public vote at a town meeting at 7 p.m. May 17 at Town Hall. All three resolutions involve using money from a $4.35 million general obligation bond issued last year toward the purchase of the vehicles.

The bond included $130,000 to purchase two SUVs for the Beacon Falls Police Department. First Selectman Christopher Bielik said the town received an “extremely favorable” price by bundling the SUV purchases together.

The first resolution is to use $34,000 left over from the purchase of the SUVs to buy a police interceptor sedan for the police department.

“We far exceeded our expectations on what we were going to be able to make those purchases for, which gives us the flexibility to be able to purchase a replacement for one of the sedans we have,” Bielik said.

The other two resolutions, which total $25,500, are to allocate funds for a new Ford F-550, which the town will use as a snow plow.

The money comes from the funds left over from the purchase of the police SUVs and money left over from the purchase of another F-550.

Bielik said that money, along with money the town has set aside for the purchase already, will be enough to cover the cost of a new truck.

Bielik said the town has the funds available, and it’s just a matter of receiving approval from residents at the town meeting.

“We just have to get authorization from the town to be able to repurpose some of the funds,” Bielik said.