Property sells at tax sale

PROSPECT — Joint bidders stepped forward this month to buy the home at 109 Plank Road in a tax sale.

Kyle Joseph Campbell and Eric Scott Olsen bought the three-bedroom, Cape-style home with a joint bid of $38,787.02 at a tax sale on May 9, Tax Collector Diane Lauber said. The bid covers all the taxes and interest owed to the town, including a “jeopardy payment” for taxes owed in July, and the administrative costs for holding the tax sale, she said.

The town received the money owed last week, she said.

The men were the only bidder, Lauber said. If they didn’t stepped forward, the town would have bid on the property, which didn’t receive any bids at two tax sales last year.

The home is owned by Robert and Denise Stevenson, appraised at $146,354 and assessed at $102,450, according to land records.

There is now a six-month redemption period in place in which any lien holder or the property owners can step forward and pay off the debt to redeem the home. If that doesn’t happen, the deed to the property will officially transfer to Campbell and Olsen at the end of the six-month period.