Letter: Actions of scouts speak louder than words

To the editor,

Deeds speak louder than words. Translation. Pay much more attention to what people do versus what they say.

A corollary would be to pay attention to people who put their words into action. A group of young people in Naugatuck fit these axioms to a T.

Girl Scouts just initiated a digital nature interpretive walk at Naugatuck’s Gunntown Passive Park & Nature Preserve. Through a series of QR codes, you can now walk this ecologically and historically important land and get help interpreting your experience from these young women.

What makes this effort even more impressive is that they initiated this work in winter’s cold and snow. Special thanks to Katelynn, Samantha, Sophia, other scouts, and their leader, Tina Budzyn.

These young women are giving a special gift, not only to the Naugatuck community, but to all who visit this special place.

Len Yannielli


The writer is the community outreach director for The Gunntown Group – A Grassroots Cultural/Environmental Committee.