Letter: Resident questions what demand proposal meets

To the editor,

As I read the proposal by Mobilitie, I wonder what demand they are addressing. According to the Citizen’s News article, Mobilitie states that the poles should be installed “[t]o meet the growing demand for connectivity, Mobilitie is deploying a hybrid transport network that provides high-speed, high-capacity bandwidth in order to facilitate the next generation of devices and data-driven services. … These transport utility poles and facilities are not dedicated to any particular customer, and, to the extent capacity on the structures is available, it is available to be used by other entities, including the [Town] of Prospect,”

If it were Verizon. T-Mobile, etc., responding to a connectivity need, then the town should consider proposed solutions. But what demand is the company trying to satisfy? I wonder if they intend to install the poles and then come back and suggest that, since the poles are already there, the town and/or its residents has some obligation to use Mobilitie’s communication services.

I would also point out that not far from a proposed antenna location, there is a communication tower at the corner of Scott Road and Route 69 that has a number of cellular and other communication’s antennas.

William Flahive