Letter: Selectman doing his job by proposing ordinances

To the editor,

I want to say thank you to Selectman Krenesky for doing his job. All too often, and this can be seen on all levels of government, personal issues are pulled into the debates and discussions, when in fact the job of our political leaders requires that they remain unbiased and focused on making the best decision for the people they serve.

By proposing new ordinances/modifications to existing ordinances relating to back taxes, Selectman Krenesky was doing exactly what he promised when taking his elected position. The ordinances, if they are valid and serve the needs of the town, in this case providing financial protection to her citizens, should be timeless and independent of who serves in the positions. The implementation of such ordinances should not be impacted by those in office and their personal situations, and again, if valid, should be enacted as soon as possible.

I applaud our selectmen, the difficult decisions they have to make, and know that they will make the appropriate decisions, which will be in the best interest of the town and the citizens they serve.

Michael Opuszynski

Beacon Falls