Letter: Ordinance proposal purposively targets selectman

To the editor,

I read with concern, but not surprise, Republican Selectman Michael Krenesky’s transparent scheme to target Democratic Selectman Peter Betkoski with a “Trumped” up ordinance proposal, which selectively would hold back his pay because he owes back business taxes.

Krenesky knows full well that Mr. Betkoski, a Beacon Falls business owner, has made, and is fulfilling, a payment plan made with our tax collector; a common practice in our town which has helped to bring in over a million dollars in back taxes. In spite of several years of strong town management under the current administration, Krenesky could just not resist reverting to his tired old habits of underhanded personal attacks. He should know that America has a strong tradition, dating back hundreds of years, of not creating laws or regulations that target, specifically or in spirit, an individual person.

He should, but won’t, be ashamed of himself. I guess snakes in the grass just gotta be snakes in the grass.

Ned Grace

Beacon Falls