Letter: The precious things in life are not things at all

To the editor,

You (high school graduates) will undoubtedly be given much advice as you graduate. If you have not already done so, consider writing a note to yourself, stating your own goals and dreams, which will not only help you to focus today, but will also enlighten you in the future.

Back in the day, as graduation approached, we had to write a submission for class essayist. Mine was not chosen, but I am glad today that I can re-read it and remember the excitement of graduation as we readied ourselves for college, career, and adult life.

Looking back, my dreams and goals seem almost petty today: graduate from college, get a good job and make enough money to buy a big house. The road that I believed would lead me straight there had a few bumps and curves.

Thankfully, for some of those side paths led me to the happiest moments in my life, wonderfully enlightening and supportive people, and amazing adventures.

If I could give advice to my 18-year-old self, it would be to remember that the most precious things in life are not things at all, but rather the people who love you. Keep them close.

As you begin your own journey, please consider this excerpt from my graduation essay, and know that you give us all hope.

“For a man cannot live life to its fullest, without having reached for the stars. And every man must do his best, seeking ever to make a better world.”

Dorothy Hoff