Letter: Presidential race has college students nervous

To the editor,

I’m writing today to talk about something that I had never been interested in before this past year: politics. It might be a little odd to hear this coming from a 24-year-old college kid who is neck deep in homework, but this particular presidential campaign has got me nervous.

This presidential race is a make or break it for the United States of America. If every sane person in this state does not vote for Bernie Sanders on April 26 (register by the 21st) then we will be allowing ourselves to be stripped of the freedoms that we have been handing over to the corrupt political parties of this great nation. Hillary Clinton is the leader on a path that we are already familiar with; a path that leads us nowhere. Trump cannot be an option that we even allow ourselves to consider.

The time has come for all of us to band together in order to create a better America, with better jobs, better wages, better outlooks for college kids like me that are struggling financially and mentally. We are in school for hours every day, on top of jobs that we are forced to work in order to pay for our outrageously priced education all in exchange for a degree that in no way guarantees us a job waiting for us on the graduation stage.

We are afraid. While in the halls between classes I talk to my fellow college students, ranging from ages 17 to 30 (on an average day), and we are all terrified. We are scared of what our parents and grandparents have left for us to clean up with no resources, no hope and a dying planet with which to do it with. Some of us are starting families of our own and my fellow students who do have children look at me and talk with terror in their eyes about their children’s futures.

We have to do something. Please, vote for Bernie Sanders. Give us some hope again.

Autumn Evans