School board OKs ‘building subs’ plan

NAUGATUCK — The Board of Education last week approved a proposal to assign substitutes to specific schools.

Under the plan, each of the 10 public schools in Naugatuck will have specific substitutes assigned to it. The “building substitutes” will be hired at the beginning of the school year.

These substitutes are required to have educational certifications for the grade levels they will teach. Thus, the pay for a substitute will be increased from $70 a day to $100 a day for the building subs. All other subs will earn the current rate of $70.

The plan is an effort to provide more stability with substitute teachers. The building sub will be the first person called when a teacher needs a sub, according to administrators.

Superintendent of Schools Sharon Locke previously said this plan will also allow the schools to gauge whether someone would be a good fit for the school district if they were to apply for a full-time job.