Letter: Seniors deserve increase in Social Security

To the editor,

Not long ago there were whispers then a loud rumbling sound that turned into an explosion. Conversations turned into complaints then demands about how low the minimum wage was. People said, “Oh, it is just not enough money. We cannot live on so little.” Some had to get a second or third job to survive. It turned out to be such a mighty chorus of “We need more money.”

Well, lo and behold, the law was changed and the minimum wage was raised by several dollars per hour.

What about senior citizens? The people who have reached 65 and over, are retired and living on Social Security. They are underpaid, unappreciated and forgotten. Seniors need a raise in income too.

Talk about being underpaid. The last time seniors got an increase in Social Security was in 2014, and it was only 1 percent. That is barely enough to buy a loaf of bread.

This is not a token entitlement. Seniors pay into Social Security all their lives. The reasoning for no Social Security increase? Some government workers have blinders on.

Because of the fact that fuel prices, basically automotive fuel, have been dropping these officials allege that cost of living has not gone up and does not warrant an increase in Social Security payments. The cost of everything has been steadily rising and seniors are being driven into poverty.

I think anyone over 65 would agree if the minimum wage can be raised so drastically, then so should Social Security. Seniors deserve equal opportunity in income increases. Raise the Social Security.

Virginia Donnelly