Quick response saves boy

2-year-old nearly drowned in pool in Beacon Falls

BEACON FALLS — Labor Day weekend got off to a frightening start for a family in Beacon Falls.

A 2-year-old by nearly drowned Friday at a home on Skokorat Road, according to officials.

Beacon Hose Company No. 1 Fire Chief Jim Trzaski said the company received the emergency call at 4:30 p.m. The boy, who was in town visiting with his family from Georgia, unknowingly wandered from his parents and fell into the swimming pool, Trzaski said.

Emergency responders were on the scene in three minutes, Trzaski said. When they arrived, the boy’s father had pulled him out of the pool and was performing CPR, he said.

Emergency responders took over CPR on the boy, who was blue and had diminished breathing, Trzaski said. The boy was immediately rushed to the hospital.

“There was very little down time on the scene,” Trzaski said.

The ambulance was intercepted by one from American Medical Response carrying a paramedic at Exit 25 on Route 8 North, he said. The paramedic provided advanced respiratory care and the boy was taken to Waterbury Hospital, he said.

The boy was breathing and semi-conscious when he arrived at the emergency room, Trzaski said.

Trzaski said he hadn’t spoken with the family or the hospital as of Tuesday, but to the best of his knowledge the child is OK.

“The swift response coupled with skillful patient care rendered by our volunteers on Friday certainly saved this boy’s life,” Trzaski said. “This is yet another great example of the dedication and skill displayed by Beacon Hose members on a daily basis.”

Trzaski said the incident is a reminder that it doesn’t take long for tragedy to strike.

“It’s a reminder of how quickly accidents can happen,” he said. “It only takes a minute for one tragedy to happen.”