Board addresses parking issues

BEACON FALLS — Officials voted to add one no parking zone and emphasize another in town.

The plan is to implement a no parking zone along North Main Street from Depot Street past Veteran’s Park. The issue was discussed at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting this month.

First Selectman Christopher Bielik said numerous people have complained that cars parked along North Main Street block their vision of oncoming traffic when they pull out of Depot Street.

Bielik said the town’s engineering department examined the area and took measurements of the sightlines to determine how far to extend the no parking zone.

“They are going putting a fresh coat of yellow hashed out paint on the road there that will explicitly state where the no parking zone is,” Bielik said.

Bielik said the town will let the owner of Fine Line Motors, 13 North Main St., know what is happening before officials move forward with the plan.

“Before we actually take the action we will be doing a courtesy visit to the used car lot there to make sure they are aware and understand and don’t do anything that would start accumulating tickets for them,” Bielik said.

Officials are also looking to clarify an existing no parking zone at 98 Highland Ave, which is an apartment building.

Bielik said the street is not marked to indicate a no parking zone and the street sign has become obscured by vegetation.

Residents in that area were not sure where the no parking zone was or if there even was one, Bielik said. He said the residents petitioned to have the zone the removed.

Bielik said the town was amenable to the idea, if it was deemed safe. However, because of the sightline issues coming around the curve on Highland Avenue, officials felt it would be dangerous for cars to be parked there, he said.

The town expects to place more no parking signs and paint a section of the road to highlight the zone.

“It should eliminate any question in anybody’s mind as to where you can and can’t park on that stretch of Highland Avenue,” Bielik said.

The board approved the plan. Bielik said the town will work with the police department to ensure the zones will be enforced.

Bielik said this week the town expects to paint the lines on the no parking zones and repaint the lines around Laurel Ledge Elementary School within the next two weeks.