Letter: Voters need to clean house

To the editor,

And it has been said “Lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place.” Well how about continued strikes?

Naugatuck has now several “strikes.” Let me count the ways:

Lost Coke Cola, Peter Paul.; Bought GDC and is using the building to store the old furniture from the high school and apparently the parking lot was part of a deal with YoCrunch to stay in town and park their 18 wheelers in the parking lot for a mere $1,000 per month.; Lost the NVNA.; Will be having the trash pick up privatized and at what tipping cost?; Continue to under fund the library — will this be the next thing to disappear from Naugatuck?; Proposed a 4 plus mill rate increase.; Want to either privatize or get rid of all together the golf course; And finally Naugatuck has been designated the fifth worst city in the state to live in.

Now the administration would have one believe that this designation is a windfall since the more destitute the city the more state aid will come its way. But here in Naugatuck we have seen how poorly this administration has handled funding. In order to get all the money possible the square footage of the renovation of the high school was increased. Then in order to show that that extra footage would be utilized the Board of Ed will move into the high school.

What can the taxpayers of Naugatuck expect next?

Well here are few (tongue in cheek) suggestions:

Turn Town Hall into condos.; Deepen the mud hole on Parcel C so the geese have a better place to swim. Oh no, that is going to be developed into a three-story medical facility. Now just how many doctors or medical businesses are going to move there?; Several doctors have already moved their practices out of town. Does Mayor Mezzo feel his connection with Griffin Hospital will entice doctors in the Valley to come up here and establish a practice in Naugatuck? There aren’t that many people in Naugatuck who utilize Valley physicians or Griffin Hospital.; Paint the front of the old railroad station with graffiti to match the back (a lovely testament to the town of Naugatuck for Metro-North patrons).

Fellow Naugatuckians get out and vote on the referendum July 29. And in November [2015] let us clean house. Vote out all the current administration. That includes all the burgesses. Don’t let friendship get in the way. The current Mayor and Board of Burgesses are not your friends. Get rid of them all regardless of age or longevity. They must go. Let us reclaim Naugatuck and restore it to its previous glory.

Seriously consider a Charter revision. Think about having a town manager who knows how to run a town like a business and without politics.

Sharon Hebb