Letter: One percent makes a difference

To the editor,

One percent, it is just 1 cent on each dollar spent. That is not all that much. Many households in town had to make cuts greater than that over the past few years due to flat or decreasing income and higher costs and taxes.

While 1 percent is not a lot for the Borough, a 1 percent reduction in the budget would make a big difference to the average Naugatuck taxpayer. A 1 percent reduction in spending would turn a $30 average increase in your taxes to a decrease of $40 or more. That is a $70 difference to the average taxpayer. Naugatuck taxpayers have not seen any relief in the ever increasing taxes since the 2009 budget passed with a flat mill rate. Since then, the taxpayers have had substantial tax hikes each and every year.

Do not believe the hype and scare tactics of the current budget supporters that a cut would only be done to community services. It is not true. There were many proposals for responsible reductions put forward by the more fiscally-responsible board members that were ignored or voted down. These all need to be revisited.

Please make your voice heard this Tuesday, July 29 and vote No, Too High in the Budget referendum. Voting is being held only at the Naugatuck Train Station on 195 Water St. from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Matthew Katra