Clearing clutter from poles

NAUGATUCK — Beautification Committee Chairwoman Linda Ramos is seeking help in her annual campaign to clear utility poles of old signs.

Each year Ramos works from spring through autumn removing posters, old tag sale signs and other flyers tacked up to utility poles.

“We don’t need the extra trash in town. Just seeing it on the poles is the worst. One of the posters I pulled off was over 2 years old,” Ramos said. “Whenever I see something on a pole I jump out of car to get it.”

However, this year Ramos has reached out to the community for help.

“If you see a poster, paper, picture, anything on a pole, would you get out of your car and take it down,” Ramos asked of residents. “I appreciate any help you can give. Let’s make our community the community it should be.”

Ramos said she has been going around the borough on Mondays to take the signs down since so many of the signs are from weekend tag sales.

Since sending out a request for help on Facebook, Ramos has had some positive feedback.

“I’ve had some community members that have called me and said, ‘There is a pole near me and I’ll take care of it,’” Ramos said.

Although she hopes more people will assist her, Ramos is afraid that most residents won’t care about this issue.

“In order to make a community you have to be a community and care what it looks like. It seems like these days everybody settles rather than doing something about it. I hate to say that, but sometimes it’s the truth,” Ramos said.

Ramos said any resident can help out just by keeping an eye out for trash.

“If you’re out and about in town and you see something on the pole, take it down,” Ramos said.