Letter: Questions where sense, sensibility have gone

To the editor,

Naugatuck used to be a great little hometown to grow up in. But, God help those of us who have grown up and woke up to the cruel reality of what Naugatuck has become.

Taxes are so high that people who can afford to move are leaving town. Yet, many others are being forced into foreclosure because they cannot pay their taxes. They are forced into making some kind of move, but to where?

They are becoming homeless. Where will they live? And how? How do they pay the rising rents? Will they be evicted from there too?

There is a large population of people on fixed incomes. They cannot go to an employer and ask for a raise, bonus or overtime hours to ease their financial struggles. Yet, the cost of living continues to rise, especially the taxes.

If people can barely afford the necessities of life, how can they be expected to pay for the unnecessary frills these additional taxes will pay for, especially when basic town services are being eliminated or reduced?

Our government is manipulating major decisions about issues that are paramount to our town’s moral and ethical background. They know so little and care even less about the desperate situation they are creating for people who rely on the [Naugatuck] VNA’s service and assistance.

What has happened to sense and sensibility? Do people have consciences anymore?

Virginia Donnelly