Letter: An injustice has been done to VNA

To the editor,

Today was especially sad for me. After going to my mailbox and receiving my free weekly copy of the Citizen’s News and reading the front page stating the agreement made by the Board of Mayor and Burgesses to severe ties with the Naugatuck Visiting Nurses Association. I personally say shame on all of those that voted for such.

I do wish to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of the employees, both of whom are still present and those that are now retired, for that of their caring and devoted service to that of myself and the many, many others they served within that of our community. I shall deeply miss them for they were like family.

In my opinion a vast injustice has been done towards an organization that would only continue to serve and profit in the future to come. I believe that one day in the future to come those elected officials in power now will regret their decisions.

Time changes much. This is true regarding many aspects of life. But, when people stop truly caring for the welfare of one another as a united community, then many of these changes can be harmful. I base this statement on the lack of registered voters that went to the polls in that of our last election. I strongly feel that the power of the people was lacking and, as such, we as a community have suffered a great loss. 

Good luck to each and every one you within the Naugatuck Visiting Nurses Association. May your paths in life be rewarding. I thank you for the devoted and caring service over these past 13 years so rendered on my behalf. God bless all.

Paul Arbitelle