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Letter: Golf course used by more than a ‘select’ few

To the editor, I read with interest, and some dismay, the letter by Mary Davis, titled, “Let voters decide on golf course.” Why dismay? Well, for starters, Ms. Davis is…


Letter: Fall soccer season is here

To the editor, Summer review: This past summer, PYS offered three summer camps held by Woodland Regional High School coaches and players, Dynamo coaches and Challenger coaches. Thank you to…


Every ticket stub has a story to tell

As technology improves lives and makes everyday things more convenient, there can be a downside. Allow me to explain. This revelation came to me during a recent afternoon. My wife…


Letter: Ice Bucket Challenge a success

To the editor, The recent “Ice Bucket Challenge to Raise ALS Awareness” has been a monumental success because people from every walk of life in every town across the state…


Letter: Let voters decide on golf course

To the editor, As a taxpayer in the Borough of Naugatuck I follow the budget process closely each year, and I am concerned that the Board of Finance cannot seem…


Letter: First Selectman talks Beacon Falls

To the editor, It seems like summer was just starting and now we’re already looking towards the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend and the start of the new school year….


Letter: School pools should be open

To the editor, As someone who has experience in local government, particularly in Boston, in the past and as a successful English swimmer over a period of decades, there is…


Letter: Author appreciates support

To the editor, I would like to show my appreciation to the people who supported my book, “Silent and Grateful Tears.” Because of your generosity I have been able to…


Letter: Driver thanks good Samaritans

To the editor, Early Wednesday afternoon July 30 my car broke down at the traffic light on Meadow Street next to Dunkin Donuts. All my efforts to restart my car…


Letter: Grateful for help from Elks

To the editor, Many thanks to Jim Desmarais and his very capable helpers from the Elks organization for helping the senior citizens. I’m grateful for them trimming my shrubs and…